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About Coach Carla

All about creating healthier habits and feeling great!

I have a passion to stay fit and healthy in later life, after having the goal of running a marathon on my 40th Birthday I know how difficult it can sometimes be to fit in workouts, runs and eat healthy with work, family and social commitments. 

I have now ran 7 marathons and am planning on more. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and showing them how to incorporate fitness into their lives. I have achieved my own success with over 40 Five Star Google Reviews.  I consistently push and support my clients on a 1:1 basis and within team Solfit who often train with me up to 4 times a week. If you want to have a chat about how you can make it work please call, text or email today.

Best fitness Wishes!

Personal Training Session - weighted sit-ups with Coach
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