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Solfit has been given over 40 reviews on Google - all testimonials have rated Coach Carla with 5 Stars - a proven track record with the best results for all of our happy customers.

Our Clients Say.....

Sarah Barnes 

Solfit Group Member

"Carla's group sessions are so motivating, she has built a friendly community for us all to stay active and reach or goals. The sessions are challenging, but achievable, where you can build on your personal bests. Highly recommend!"

Elizabeth Richardson

Marathon Training Client

"I did the 10 session Running Package with Carla and I definitely recommend. She has helped me to become a lot more confident in strength training and using weights, I have seen an improvement in my running form. I have gotten faster and can now run further easier.
She's a great Coach and very motivating."

Claire Picard

1:1 PT Client

"Carla is a pleasure to work with she pushes you gently, listens to your needs, fears and hopes, and designs a reachable goal plan for you to work towards. She is very encouraging, relaxed and I appreciated her discrete and diplomatic approach. I feel like I am finally working on myself, and with Carla's help, I don't feel like it is such a hard task."
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